Live Chat- An Essential for Better Customer Experience

The term “chatting” has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s internet saturated society. Once defined as an “informal conversation,” now a “live chat” usually isn’t even a face-to-face conversation with a real person, often it is a screen-to-screen session available at many places online. These pop-up windows are becoming so commonplace that users Read More

Practical Ways to Broaden Your Store’s Customer Base

You’ve never had any doubts about your greatest aspiration in life – to own and operate your very own store. Growing up, you were determined to open a successful business in your hometown and cater to a niche market that other local merchants ignored. After attending business school and familiarizing yourself with how to run Read More

3 Things You Need to Avoid While Selling Services Online

A number of brick & mortar store owners around the world have already realized the importance of online marketplace. This is why, majority of them are already making a shift to the cyber domain. The wealth of opportunities available at the online platform is something a businessman cannot afford to miss in the 21st century. Read More

Looking at Customer Support Differences in Leading Social Gaming Apps

These days, it’s not enough for social gaming companies to merely provide fun and entertaining apps – they also need to have solid customer support. As with any form of technology, players can experience problems with their social games. And it’s always great to have some assistance in dealing with any potential problems that arise. Read More

Practicable Tips for Cross Selling & Up Selling

“Would you also fancy a cold drink & fries with the burger?” is a common cross selling tactic used at restaurants across the world. According to a survey, an approximate of two billion servings of fries consumed by Americans each year is a result of the above mentioned cross selling tactic used by waiters at Read More

Creating a Solid Lead Generation Strategy – 3 Tips

Increased and quality lead generation is the dream of every entrepreneur around the world. The speed with which the lead generation process is evolving in the modern era continues to pick up pace and several strategies, which were once considered highly effective, are being pushed to the backburner. Several of these outdated lead generation strategies Read More

Tips To Simply Wow Your Customers with Amazing Support

The internet has radically reformed the way business organizations and their customers used to interrelate. There were times when customers were required to call or post a letter to the company while seeking assistance whereas the customers today find a variety of ways to communicate with the business organizations. In the similar way, the customers Read More

Efficient After-Sales Support is Essential for Customer Retention

Are you an online business owner who is focusing entirely on the business marketing strategy in order to acquire new customers? If this is true then you are undoubtedly doing it wrong. It’s not just you; in fact many other online entrepreneurs like you are investing a great deal on acquiring new customers via pre-sale Read More

How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business’s Customer Support

More so now than ever, people are using social media to instantly connect with businesses around the world. While it used to be common to see them customers calling customer service and communicating on a physically vocal level, now customers are more likely to send you a message on Twitter or post a comment on Read More

Importance of Customer Feedback for Your Online Business

Customer feedback is one of the crucial factors influencing the growth and sustainability of any business. In the modern age, online customer reviews have brought into existence, a whole new way of marketing for the ecommerce companies. Online business analysts and experts are also of the opinion that feedback plays crucial role in the success Read More

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