How to Utilize Social Media for Your Business’s Customer Support

More so now than ever, people are using social media to instantly connect with businesses around the world. While it used to be common to see them customers calling customer service and communicating on a physically vocal level, now customers are more likely to send you a message on Twitter or post a comment on Read More

Importance of Customer Feedback for Your Online Business

Customer feedback is one of the crucial factors influencing the growth and sustainability of any business. In the modern age, online customer reviews have brought into existence, a whole new way of marketing for the ecommerce companies. Online business analysts and experts are also of the opinion that feedback plays crucial role in the success Read More

Are Your Online Customers Leaving You? Don’t Let Them Go!

Are you concerned about the increased shopping cart abandonment rate on your website? Are your online customers really leaving you? Many online entrepreneurs are facing this dilemma and are apprehensive about this situation. “Can I eliminate or reduce shopping cart abandonment rate on my website?” is a common question asked by the online businesses. Letting Read More

Up all Night? Tips to Overcome Entrepreneurial Insomnia

Do you keep tossing and turning all night through? Do you find yourself tired every morning you wake up? Does your energy level go down in the middle of the day? You need not to worry since you are not the only one facing this crisis; there are millions of other entrepreneurs who also can’t Read More

GITEX Technology Week 2014 – An Exhibition to Create Technology Awareness

GITEX Technology Week is one of the most popular and awaited ICT trade exhibitions held each year in Dubai, covering the Middle East region, South Asia and Africa. The key purpose of this annual event is to showcase the cutting-edge technology trends, which are led by the ICT industry leaders. This exhibition was initiated in Read More

How Live Chat Support has Revolutionized Ecommerce Industry?

Ecommerce industry is increasingly on the rise with addition of innovative technologies and online marketing techniques. In this regard, many factors are playing their role and live chat support is one of them. This cost efficient online customer service channel has taken the ecommerce industry by storm due to the convenience it has provided to Read More

Top 5 Emerging Trends for Customer Service

As 2014 is halfway through we need to look ahead and focus on the emerging trends for customer service and how companies can adopt them to improve their service quality and to further grow their business. Here are some of the top customer service trends for modern businesses to look into. Support channel preference is Read More

10 Best Practices to Drive Customers to Your Ecommerce Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you are an online entrepreneur seeking ways to drive more customers towards your website and generate greater revenue ultimately, then you must follow the 10 best practices mentioned below for online entrepreneurial success:

Characteristics of a 21st Century E-Commerce Website

Ecommerce websites are growing constantly across the cyberspace. As a result of continual growth of online business organizations, the online entrepreneurs require to add something a little extra to their websites. One cannot ignore optimizing a business website and sometimes even minor flaws can result in the collapse of an entire business. Keeping this in Read More

Mobile Web Marketing – Things You Must Know About It

The time has come for your business to take advantage of the increasing number of cellphone users across the globe. Have you ever noticed that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is check your cellphone for any social media updates, messages or any other means of communication? This shows Read More

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