WG Live Chat Software™ Certifies Compatibility with Major Web Platforms

Nowadays, live chat software has become a business norm especially in the e-commerce world. Whether your industry is related to product sales or with the services, your customers always expect real-time support from you through the web platforms. Getting instantaneous support is one of the reasons why majority of the customers turn to live chat Read More

Appease the Generation Y with Fast and Reliable Online Service

Internet has indeed made life of the generation Y easy, but it has also made this generation restless and impatient. With the growing dependency on the internet, a majority of people would now shop, sitting on their sofas rather than going out of home to buy. Similarly, they would rather chat with you than to Read More

Want Reduced Costs & Amplified Sales for Your Business? Here’s how!

The sales cost is one of the most significant financial metrics for almost all small businesses across the planet. The practical method of minimizing the sales costs is to maximize the efforts of sales team and keep all the costs in line. Outsourcing the jobs or cutting down the budget to reduce costs is not Read More

What Is Your Reason For Not Adding Live Chat To Your Website?

Yes, I have not yet added live support to my website – a phrase that we hear from many online entrepreneurs. It seems like there is no point to dig out the matter further, but the thing that urges us to ask further questions is what provoked them to arrive at live support providing website, Read More

Boost Your Online Tickets Sales for FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 is well on its way and football fans all over the world are purchasing tickets for this spectacular event with great zeal and zest. According to the FIFA’s Official Website, as the second period of sales phase began, a massive total of 384,597 tickets have been allocated within twenty-four hours out Read More

Guidelines for Putting Together a Diligent Team of Live Chat Operators!

Having an organization that promises awesome infrastructure, sufficient resources and dedicated leadership is your primary objective however putting together a dedicated and diligent team to contribute towards your organization’s prosperity is what you need to do afterwards. Setting clear and precise goals right from the beginning and ensuring that all the team members know what Read More

4 Ground Rules for Entrepreneurial Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

During the early days of any business, the entrepreneurs encounter a number of challenges and tough situations, and under these circumstances, they need to act professionally and manage things wisely in order to ensure swift flow of the organization. However, asking help from other successful entrepreneurs who have already experienced such scenario on their road Read More

Customer Metrics that are Positively Influenced by Live Chat Support

Live chat support in general has a very positive impact on online businesses. Apart from being an efficient channel of communication, it plays a direct role in increasing sales and generating leads. Its popularity has remarkably increased in the last couple of years because of its versatility as a chat medium. It is considered as Read More

Why Airline Industry is still failing to Deliver Optimal Customer Service?

Airline industry across the globe is progressing by leaps and bounds; with the advent of new and technologically advanced aircrafts, modern airports and state of the art facilities provided to the world, there has been a massive progress in the global airline industry however, still it is not being able to provide customer services at Read More

The More The Merrier – 3 Reasons Why You Need a Larger Team of Operators

The multitasking feature of live chat software indeed has numerous benefits, but unfortunately it is also the most misused feature of the software. Many companies, in order to save cost and efforts, hire a small team of operators for their live chat services so that one operator can deal with multiple customers at a time. Read More

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