‘Time is money’ is probably one of the most over used cliché of our times. There’s nothing more important to people than time and nothing more precious than money.

With the economy in the doldrums most of us are working very hard to maintain our life style. Businesses are struggling and laying off people and the standard of customer services has immensely deteriorated.

This poor quality of customer services not only affects customers but has a major role in customers losing their trust in brands, spreading the word and switching over to competitors.


Why is the Standard of Customer Services Deteriorating?

The reason why the standard of customer services is deteriorating is that businesses are trying to save their cost. For over a decade customer services have been provided through call centers where customers call in and talk to live operators to get information or get their problems sorted.

Get-Real-Live-Chat-OperatorAfter the economic meltdown which had the most impact on businesses, organizations decided to save money and replace their call center agents with automated machines. This not only resulted in several people losing their jobs but customer services also lost the human element it benefited from. This method of automated customer service was of no use to customers who not only faced inconvenience but were miffed by it too.

Importance of Internet to Businesses

Now, the world is dramatically changing and recent technological advancements have resulted in internet taking over all other means of communication. Customers are always on the internet through their Computers, iPhones or Blackberry’s. They use internet for various tasks from doing their college projects to shopping online and searching for their favorite holiday spot. Instead of calling someone to communicate, people have started texting instead.

Internet-and-Businesses-Online-Customer-Support-With-Live-ChatThe Internet gives a tremendous opportunity to businesses all over the world to give optimum customer services to their consumers with a click of a button.  By having a live chat operator on the website of a business, consumers can talk to a live chat operator who will solve all their problems and answer all their queries. Live chat services is the most efficient and cost effective way of providing customer services to your consumers as it doesn’t require any expensive set up equipment and a lot of training costs.

Gelling Live Chat Services with Customer Services

Live chat operators will not only give back the human element to customer services but provide real solutions to the problems customers face. More than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a website if they feel they have too many clicks to find what they’re looking for. Around 58% of visitors who experience usability problems on a website do not return. Live chat operators will initiate a conversation with visitors and help them with whatever problems they might be facing.

Live chat services will not only increase a business’s conversion rate but restore the faith of customers on a brand.

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