When forecasting the targets for the year 2012, one target that can honestly never get off our lists is that of increasing our sales. We all want to increase our sales, so in return we can have increased revenues. And let’s just face it, who doesn’t like extra profit? As an entrepreneur you need to able to take risks, be proactive have a steeper learning curve and strong vision. So basically, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not out in the market, so you can allocate resources accordingly and make the right decision accordingly too, so you get a higher ROI. A good example would be, you adding live chat to website, as it has proven to be extremely helpful for those who have. And given the numerous advertising and marketing opportunities this highly globalised world of media provides you with; it’ll prove extremely beneficial for your company if you can take advantage of the opportunities out there.

increase-your-sales-with-live support-chatBut with this highly integrated and competitive business world, we are also faced with external competition by the multiple products available in the global market; therefore, increasing sales can prove to be an uphill task. Want to know what can help you get over the external competition barrier? Individual assistance provided by the online chat support. And more so, we here at LiveAdmins have gathered four tips that will aid you in increasing your sales.


Improve Your Focus on the Prospects

Improve Your Focus and Generate more Leads with Live ChatSales personnel can be so preoccupied with meeting the daily share of calls that they naturally end up compromising the quality of calls, as naturally after a certain point it only becomes about the number of the calls they’ve made. Because at the end of the day it’s the quantity which looks good on the report, but something you need to remember is that the quality is extremely vital to your performance. Equip your sales-team with better tools and skills, especially how to research better on their prospect or client more. Also it’ll be crucial to your research to try and find out who the key influences or the so-called decision-makers in the organization are. And once you find out who they are, make sure you hit the soft spot. By this I mean, try your utmost best to find out what are their hobbies and interests are. So once you pounce on your prey she has no other option, but to surrender.


Work on Your Sales Presentation

A very common problem is that the sales staff often ends up being too relaxed with the standard sales presentation chatter that that their boss taught them. Because of which they end up repeating the same chatter word for word which was taught to them when they joined. And they keep repeating the same presentation format, the typical welcome, followed by the company’s accomplishments and credentials. What follows further is typically a mentioning of the company’s range of products and the presentation is concluded by a thank you and queries regarding the products.

Since this all takes a lot of time, the prospects by this time loses complete interest, and drifts away to some haywire thinking in their mind. So what you need to equip your staff with are amazing presentation skills. The presentations need to be engaging, spontaneous, and interactive. They need to be improvised according to the client and situation. Because 8th prospects don’t care about your company’s accomplishments. What they want to know about is how your product and service will prove helpful for them. So a smarter thing according to us is you sharing stories of how your products proved to be helpful for the clients who used them. Make the presentation funny and interactive, so the prospects don’t lose their interest. Once you’re done, make sure you ask your prospect for feedback.


Try To Connect Better

Francis Kong, one of the top inspirational speakers says, “It’s best if you’re not networking, you’re not working.” Networking is the best platform to meet or find prospects. Finding prospects without networking is not an easy task; they’re occupied with a hundred and million things. So where to find them? The best pasr6t about networking is that there’s someone out there, who knows your prospect. So, you need to make sure you have a good relationship with all your clients, because the better the relationship with the person who knows your prospect, the higher the probability of you bagging another prospect. All you need to do is to make a humble request for a recommendation from the prospect’s friend for a possible meeting.

Networking and Sales-Live Support to WebsiteTo get hold of the decision makers is one the biggest today’s business environment considering how busy everyone is these days. And considering their busy schedules, it gets extremely difficult for the sales staff to actually find a way to connect.

Another exercise you need to equip your staff with is to be able to deal with rejection. Because being rejected is quite ego-deflating, so you need to constantly give them the motivation and doze of optimism they need.

Take Advantage of Social Networking Sites

With the widespread of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Linked In etc, trust me it doesn’t get better than this. So if you don’t have a profile or a page on these respective sites, you must get to it. Because these websites provide you with a platform to meet prospects, advertise your products and share all the latest information about your products or services with your clients. Apart from this make sure your website is fully updated and integrated with your social networking page, or profile. Of Social networking has opened a whole new avenue for advertising. You can even take advantage of  adding live chat to your website. Because website live support allows you to proactively talk to your website visitors and convert the prospects into customers.

Also, make sure you have a mobile website or app. Because these facilities, are becoming extremely essential for all types of businesses now a day, considering E-commerce is an extremely growing sector.

We at live Admins, wish you all the best for 2012 and hope our advice proves to be helpful. Feel free to leave us feedback.


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