Facebook is the undisputed king of social media world and apart from its utilization by individuals for the sake of personal networking, it is playing an important role in business marketing and sales generation as well. Whether we discuss about the brick & mortar stores or the online organizations, their dependability on Facebook has become enormous in recent years. Companies now have official Facebook pages, which attract more customers than the official website. As a result of increased dependence of businesses on Facebook page, they need to enhance the customer interaction on their Facebook page. In order to make this possible, the leading live chat software vendors including WebGreeter® have introduced software which is fully compatible with Facebook. Here is how live chat service on Facebook helps boost businesses across the cyberspace:

Live Chat in Promoting Business on Facebook

Easy Integration with Facebook Fan Page

You can now grow your fan base on Facebook page by integrating live chat support into it. This integration will make your customer service department more accessible and convenient for all your current and potential customers. The users can simply login to their Facebook accounts and chat with the customer support representatives. This will greatly increase your sales, as the live chat operators would be able to convert casual visitors into paying customers.

Greater Customer Experience

Most of the customers find it more convenient to browse your products, special offers and everything about your company through the Facebook Fan Page instead of visiting the official website. The reason being, they are more familiar with the Facebook interface than your website. In order to further enhance the customer experience on your website, you should add live chat to your Facebook page. A recent study by LiveAdmins® shows that companies that have added live chat on their social media pages in 2013 have experienced 28% increase in sales right away.

Facebook Covers both – B2C & B2B

Facebook is a universal networking tool, which not only covers business to consumer (B2C) but also business to business (B2B) scenarios. This is why, apart from adding live chat to website, the online entrepreneurs are also adding live chat to their official Facebook fan pages. This way, they are able to grab sales opportunities for their B2B as well as B2C portals.

Rapid Real-time Resolutions

Live chat service on a Facebook page enables the customers to get their issues resolved immediately through live chat on their favorite social media network. Your live chat operators should be given professional training for resolving customers’ issues and problems.

Since, social media will dominate the world of marketing in the near future, you should consider optimizing your Facebook Fan Page to keep your business in-line with the latest and forthcoming customer service and marketing trends.

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