Add Live Chat to your Website and Harness the Power of Internet

Live chat support for website is the most stimulating and interesting development in the area of e-business customer services. Utilizing the immense potential of internet, a company’s service department can easily assist and interact with online customers while effectively monitoring the patterns of their behavior at the same time. Internet is one efficient system that Read More

Customer Retention Means Success

Posted by Manochehr KManochehr K on August 16, 2012 Customer service
Customer Retention Means Success

For any company to sustain in such competitive market is only possible while maintaining their customer base. Whether it is a big company or some small enterprise, their survival is at the hands of the customers. Even companies have to be very vigilant while prioritizing current customers and future customers. To compete with the rivals, Read More

Make Your Next Event a Success – Use Facebook!

Facebook, isn’t just the name of a social networking website, but has also now become an adjective.  It’s really interesting how these social networking websites have brought around an entire evolution in the world of internet. 40 percent of global internet users use Facebook everyday. As a twenty year old, born into a generation of Read More

How to Improve Your Sales Through Effective Customer Services

The main objective of a company is to maximize profits from its operations. Profit motive is what encourages a firm to undertake different marketing and management strategies which will lead to revenue maximization in both the long run and the short run. As a company prospers, sales increase and this leads to revenue maximization. A Read More

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