What Makes Web Greeter the Right Live Chat Solution?

Modern technology has revolutionized the business processes and completely changed the practice of buying and selling today. With the advent of internet and advancement in telephone industry, business processes have become comprehensive and companies are now equipped with far better means of serving customers. Most of the entrepreneurs have taken their business venture online that Read More

Preserve Your Internet Savvy Clientele with Support Chat Software

Live chat support for website is a very useful tool for enhancing customer service in online business models. Besides being a fast medium to get in touch with your customer base, support chat software allows a company to provide personalized assistance, easy accessibility to products and services and most significantly customer gratification. Today, e-commerce is Read More

Sales Tips That Will Help You Expand Your Customer Base

Every startup strives on its customers and the basic cycle of a business is to attain, retain and expand customers. There are two ways your customer base can be expanded: either in value or in quantity. Which means, either you get your current customers to spend more or attract new ones through your current customers. Read More

Revive and Sustain Your Customer Base – Use Social Media

The customer base of any organization basically consists of a group of people who are most likely to buy your products or avail your services. This customer base is what your levels of profit are dependent upon as they provide you with a consistent source of income. According to the Experian 2011 Social Media Consumer Read More

Facebook Timeline Fails to Impress Many

Posted by Aimen KBAimen KB on February 17, 2012 Social Media
Facebook Timeline Fails to Impress Many

Facebook has been changing its interface every now and then, but has never received such reluctance, as “Timeline” has. The soon to be mandatory Facebook design is being disliked by many, who feel that the now “classic” Facebook design is more users -friendly and more fun, as compared to the hap hazard and random Timeline Read More

5 Ways To Get A Customer Talking On Your Website

The base of any form of a structure, may it be a society at large, economics as a framework, or a business organization, is human interaction. The concept is simple, survival of an individual within a society means understanding its norms and values, and then acting accordingly. Similar is the idea of a business organisation. Read More

How to Improve Your Sales Through Effective Customer Services

The main objective of a company is to maximize profits from its operations. Profit motive is what encourages a firm to undertake different marketing and management strategies which will lead to revenue maximization in both the long run and the short run. As a company prospers, sales increase and this leads to revenue maximization. A Read More

Live Chat Operators: How a Smile Takes You a Long Way

“How may I help you”, these are the first words you hear as soon as you step into a shop, office, restaurant or any other place where businesses are conducted. Those five words create an aura of hospitality, and a belief that the service you require will be provided to you. Gone are the days Read More

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